Q: Do I need a professional exterminator?

This is a good question, and the answer really depends on your situation and level of tolerance. Many people like to treat their own home with products found at local home-improvement stores. For mild pest problems, you may find this method acceptable. More difficult pest situations, like scorpions or medium to heavy infestations, will require a professional with both the expertise and professional-grade products able to tackle the problems. Many of our customers enjoy the worry-free service we provide. Additionally, we’ve talked to many homeowners who’ve spent a lot more money and time on the “do-it-yourself” method than it would have cost for one of our trained technicians to come out and safely treat the situation. Either way you prefer, give us a call and we can help guide you in your pest-control treatments.

Q: How is your company different than others?

At Assured Pest Control, we pride ourselves on targeted treatments for your specific pest problems. For example, a customer who has a problem with earwigs and a customer who has scorpions would benefit from different treatments that target their respective issues. Other companies use a single product to treat all insect problems. This treatment method may prevent insect populations from getting out of hand, but pests will still be present. To eliminate your specific pest problem, you need targeted treatments with materials specifically labeled for your situation. Only at Assured will you find treatments like these.

Q: I have kids and pets. What should I be concerned with?

The insecticides we use are labeled for household use according to EPA guidelines. They have specific directions on their individual labels. The labels specify where theproducts can be used, how much, when and how they can be applied, and the frequency of application. These guidelines are designed to reduce the risk of exposure and protect children, pets and the environment. Our technicians follow the label with exactitude, and they may give you specific instructions depending on the application type used at your property. For example, liquid insecticides used to treat interior baseboards or under the sinks should not be disturbed until completely dry. Not only does this increase the effectiveness of the treatment, but it is designed to safeguard pets and children.

As a general practice, most properties we service maintain a strong exterior barrier and rarely have the insides serviced. Since most pest problems originate outside, this barrier prevents inside intruders in almost all of our customers’ locations. Occasionally a problem develops indoors, and a one-time treatment will eliminate the issue. This policy and practice further reduces the exposure to insecticides by concentrating the treatments only to the outside.

Q: I’m still seeing insects, even though you just came and serviced my property.

Each treatment we use combines both a knockdown and a residual effect. Many of the insects on your property come into contact with the insecticides within a day of the service and are eliminated. Sometimes insects are hidden deep in a crevice or inside a wall and don’t come out for days or weeks at a time. The residual effect provides long-lasting protection from these insects. It’s normal to see an increase in insect activity around your property for the first few days after a pest-control service. If after this period you are still seeing a significant level of activity, please do not hesitate to call our office and talk with us about your situation. If many of the insects are dead or dying, we will recommend waiting a few more days, because the insecticide is apparently still active. If the insects continue to be very active and show no signs of reaction to the insecticide, a retreatment may be necessary at no additional charge.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 480.325.7378 or send us an email at support@assuredpest.com.